Terms & Conditions

Below you can find our terms & conditions that pertain to all submitted work. The Draftery reserves the right to modify and update our terms & conditions without notice.

General Timeline

Once your preliminary submission materials have been reviewed, we will contact you with further instructions and ask that you complete a submission form. Upon receipt of the completed submission form along with your files, we will put you in our queue, process everything, and write back as soon as possible. While submissions are typically posted within four weeks after they have been collected, this is not something we can guarantee—it all depends on the number of submissions ahead of yours as well as our availability. None of what we do is automated: we carefully resize individual images, select details to highlight, read your descriptions, choose the most appropriate portions of your statements, and editorialize.

The Draftery only publishes the original works of contributing drafters and claims no copyright ownership of any third-party work we publish. The rights of all work featured is retained by the author(s) of each work. Rest assured that on The Draftery—whether online or in print—you will be credited for all of your work because we know how much time and effort go into a drawing. All links will point to the website(s) you’ve provided; however, because of the nature of online publishing, we cannot guarantee that another website will not post your images without our knowledge, your permission, and proper credits. We ask all websites and blogs that refer to drawings found in our archive to include the proper credits and links.

By submitting work, the author grants The Draftery permission to annotate, caption, edit, format, and publish the work—unobtrusively and as we deem necessary—for online viewing, including, but not limited to, our standard web-based posts and our soon-to-come online publication, Captions, as well as any form of advertising and marketing pertaining to The Draftery. Additionally, by agreeing to contribute to our print publications (i.e. checking “Yes” on question 2.1), the author further grants The Draftery permission to publish the work within future editions of our current print publication, Figure, or any other future anthologies.

High Resolution Images

The Draftery will never publish high resolution images online as image files (e.g. JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc.), in full and as they are (in their original conditions). We ask for high resolution images in order to view, highlight, and make visible certain details of drawings we find compelling. For our standard web-based posts, we will crop and/or resize all images to fit our website; for Caption, high resolution images will only be made available as a non-downloadable PDF.

If we require high resolution images for our print publication(s), we will contact you directly.

Print Publication: FIGURES

With Figures, everything isn’t neatly composed or worked out in advance: each issue doesn’t begin with a premeditated overarching idea that we then work towards. We start by working out a set of possible themes and topics we’d like cover, as well as an expanded list of contributors we’ve picked out from our repository. While we work back and forth to define our conceptual framework, our list of contributors are constantly in flux. In the end, after a theme has been finalized, we narrow down the list of contributors and select those whose work will best suit and engage with the ideas of that theme.

We do not publicly declare an issue’s theme prior to its release date and we do not accept theme-based submissions. We place more importance in showcasing an author’s best work and on finding the most appropriate work to take on each issue’s theme.


Currently, The Draftery does not and cannot provide monetary compensation to authors whose work we have published, online or in print. Above all else, our goal is to nurture a healthy architectural discourse by disseminating valuable work and not on capital gains. We believe that good work should be readily accessible: we offer our web-based posts and online publication, Captions, free of charge and keep each issue of our printed publication, Figure, at an affordable price. We provide our curatorial, editorial, and publishing (including social media) services free of charge in return for an author’s contribution; our editors are employed on a voluntary basis.

Although Figures serve as a source of revenue, all of our earnings are utilized to run third-party services The Draftery requires. This includes, but is not limited to: domain registration and web hosting and storage, as well as materials, printing, publishing, and shipping costs associated with the publication.

We acknowledge that The Draftery heavily relies on its contributors; without architects, artists, students, and other passionate practitioners, none of this would exist—and none of what we do would gain significance. As a way to express our gratitude, we will make sure that submitted work is properly curated and publicized to the best of our abilities. If your work has been selected to be part of an issue of Figures, you will receive a complimentary copy of that issue. If you have been asked to submit a full-length essay along with your graphic work, you will receive an additional copy of that issue.