After months of design, we’re finally ready to unveil The Draftery’s new look.

While in previous iterations our online presence and printed publications existed as seemingly disparate entities, we’ve taken the time to create a whole new identity and graphic standards to unify our platforms. Along with a new website, we’ve created a plethora of internal materials, as well as a new design system for our future issues of Figures. We have also begun work on a new type of publication, Captions, which will be released in the Fall of 2013.

In addition to the design work, we’ve gone to great lengths to restructure, reconceptualize, and redefine how and why we publish architectural drawings—especially those by lesser-known practitioners (be sure to check out our about page to read up on some of that). Although The Draftery began as a small website with a couple of offshoot zine-like publications, it had been our dream to turn it into a more legitimate entity. This relaunch marks a milestone in our path to do so. As always, we’d like to thank our supporters, past and present, as well as our beloved contributors—without their work, none of what we do would have any real contents.

Special thanks goes to our friend, Greg Nemes, for turning our doodle into code!

As a bonus: check out some design-y stuff below!