a : a number symbol
c : a written or printed character


a : a geometric form


a person, thing, or action representative of another


b : an intentional deviation from the ordinary form or syntactical relation of words


an often repetitive pattern or design in a manufactured article (as cloth) or natural product (as wood)

The Draftery publishes the print journal Figures1 to open up the conversation between Captions and the Archive to a broader audience. Curated around a specific theme, each Figure provides a focused context in which to consider a selection of drawings and personal statements. Although we include topical essays to develop the discussion, the journal is primarily an un-annotated series of drawings which respond to this context through their techniques, processes, and visual rhetoric. While we open with words, we let the drawings speak for themselves.

Used like a noun: individually, we refer to them as Figure (01, 02, 03, etc.), but collectively, they’re referred to as Figures.