The Draftery provides a focused context and pointed commentary on the drawings of lesser-known architects, artists, and other practitioners by focusing the conversation on how and why they draw.

From cultural icons built by world famous architects to well-detailed apartment renovations or civic infrastructure projects, the built environment provides a visible and tangible record of the many ways in which drawings intervene in the world we construct. Good drawings foster careful reflection of their effects in the world, often requiring the same amount of time and attention to both create and read.

In order to better understand these literal and rhetorical relationships, The Draftery directly examines the drawings themselves alongside their author’s intentions through three distinct platforms: an ever expanding online Archive, the pointed commentary of Captions, and the focused context of the print journal Figures. Our mission is to provide a limited context and pointed commentary on the ways in which drawings engage the world through their making—to dispel the belief that drawing is dead.

More than mere representation, drawings exercise power in the built environment; and, this reality remains inadequately addressed in a world more focused on technological advancement than methodological understanding. Let’s talk about how architects function in the world today; let’s look directly at the documents, models, and drawings that orchestrate the constructed world.

Contributor’s drawings and statements constitute the heart of The Draftery; and every day, the community and discourse among its practitioners broadens, deepens, and has the potential to direct the discipline and the built environment. We take pride in our curatorial practice and are appreciative of the amount of effort our contributors have put in making their work. Although we love that the internet has eased sharing and made so much work accessible, we still believe in giving credit where credit is due and ask all websites and blogs that refer to drawings found in our archive to include the proper credits and links.

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